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Criminal Investigations

We are experienced in assisting legal counsel in both criminal prosecutions and defense preparation. Some of our services include:

- Witness Locating
- Witness Interviews and Statements
- Crime Scene Photography
- Video/Audio/Written Statements
- Document Services
- Interviews with Investigating Police Officers


Insurance Investigations

Our Investigators are trained to detect, investigate and provide valuable data to make an informed decision regarding any questionable insurance claims. Target Investigations investigates all of the following types of claims:

- Auto Theft
- Auto Arson Claims
- Auto Accidents
- Auto Accident Scene Photography
- Personal Injury claims
- Property Claims of All Types
- Locate Witnesses/Insureds/Claimants


Corporate Surveillance
Employment Investigations

With over 29 years experience in both employment and pre-employment investigations at the corporate level, Target Investigations can assist your company in investigating suspected misconduct or violations of company policy including:

- Internal Theft
- Drugs in the Workplace
- Non-Compete Violations
- EEOC/Civil Rights Claims
- Harassment & Sexual Harassment Complaints


Background Investigations

Target Investigations is able to perform comprehensive background investigations on witnesses, current employees, plaintiffs, defendants or anyone else, including:

- Criminal/Motor Vehicle Record Checks
- Civil Record Checks
- Neighborhood Interviews
- Lifestyle Profiles
- Resume Verification
- Previous Schooling/Employment Checks

Protective Services

We are able to provide plainclothes security in the following areas:

- Armed Corporate/Individual BodyGuard Services
- Armed Protection of Property




Workers Compensation Fraud

We specialize in investigating suspected fraudulent workers compensation claims and abuse of benefits, as well as, suspected abuses of long-term compensation.

Surveillance is conducted to monitor the day-to-day normal activities of these claimants to better determine any suspected violations of their medical restrictions.

Additional Services include:

- Alive and Well Checks
- Activity Checks
- Neighborhood Canvassing
- Surveillance

Other Services

- Domestic Services
- Divorce and Infidelity
- Professional Testimony
- Covert Surveillance & Video Recording
- Health Care Facilities/Related Investigations
- Discreet Public and Private School Investigations
- Notary Public Services


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